Auditing with GRC’s shields up

POSTED BY: Dave B (Staff Writer)

Gibson Research Corp. has been providing an excellent service for years – free of charge

You can find it at GRC’s Shields Up! And… for those of you who like your hyperlinks the same way I take my steak: here’s the raw URL:

The first page will reveal what other websites can see about your connection just by you accessing them. It will tell you how to determine whether your result is “good” or “bad.” Generally, as long as you don’t see any local account names (such as your PC’s active user name) or other personal information in the hostname, it isn’t a big deal.

On the main page, you’ll find an intuitive button interface to several different “probes” and tests you can try against your system. You’ll be given a rating regarding how you match up to “most Windows machines.” This is a less secure, as secure or more secure type rating – one which I believe pretty accurately reflects the continuum of security.

Additionally, it can be very helpful when testing new Firewall or IDS configurations and verifying connectivity of WAN facing network services. You can easily check open ports and even see what service is running on a certain port in some cases.

Overall, I’ve found this free tool provided by Gibson Research to be an excellent addition to any security professional’s toolkit.


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